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English is the most studied language in the world. And you are about to step into the role of a student and emerge as a more confident individual. Let me start by explaining why it has become so crucial to be well versed in English.

Fluent conversational and error free written English skills undoubtedly play a big part in anyone’s success. Why do some people turn out to be excellent conversationalists and better writers? Speaking and writing correct English is not something that comes naturally. In order to be a successful conversationalist, and a good writer, a person has to have studied the skills and have knowledge about its principles and techniques.


Teaching English is our business Since 1962

Why Choose to learn english
English is a Universal language. English is pervasive and the language has a huge global audience. Look around you and you will see that English occupies a predominant status as the preferred language of communication in literally every sphere of life.
Our Mission

A little more than one billion people around the world speak English, some as their first and others as their second language. It is the foreign language of choice in most non-English speaking countries. And we strive to make everyone be able to speak with confidence out loud

Our Visions
We live in a globalized world and you can miss out on many experiences if you are indifferent to learning English. Studies indicate that people who speak English fluently get better paying jobs and enjoy higher social mobility than their non-English speaking counterparts.